Here’s how we will work with your team to successfully
manage your project from start to finish

1. Kick-off + Initial Planning

Conduct project planning meeting
Review counts and specifications
Review construction schedule and compile project plan
Finalize product selections and finishes
Field measure all critical locations and match to CAD drawings
Audit all product specification and finishes
Submit preliminary product reservations to manufacturers
Get project team approval
Milestone: Kick-off meeting

2. Planning + Specifications

Create color coded furniture, electrical, data, panel & skin logic plans
Ensure CPP team approves furniture layouts
Create specification and select finishes
Audit specs to plan
Create quote
Submit quote to CPP
CPP team approval of quotation
Milestone: Weekly / bi-weekly progress reports

3. Order Entry + Processing

Define tagging and delivery sequencing
Enter order electronically (EDI)
Reserve COM fabrics as required
Audit vendor order acknowledgements
Communicate order acknowledgements to project team
Milestones: Order confirmation meeting, weekly progress report

4. Pre-Installation Planning

Track shipping schedule
Complete installation package
Conduct move / installation meeting with client
Audit site readiness
Conduct pre-installation meetings
Milestones: Weekly progress report, pre-installation meeting

5. Shipping, Receiving + Installation

Confirm delivery schedule
Apply property protection materials
Receive and inspect product (on-site direct or dealer warehouse)
Deliver product to site (received at warehouse)
Stage product for installation
Conduct preliminary installation evaluation
Complete installation
Perform installation audit and preliminary punch list
Milestone: Weekly progress report

6. Post-Installation + Close-out

Perform walk-through per phase and create punch list
Resolve outstanding issues
Seek CPP approval and sign-off
Complete job close-out documents
Conduct post-installation meeting
Measure customer satisfaction and bkm performance
Milestone: Punch list review

7. Ongoing Support

Provide post move-in training support on correct product usage
Establish maintenance schedule (as applicable)
Create furniture assets database
Conduct post-project review to measure satisfaction with process, product and service

Winter 2024

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