We are bkm, more than just furniture.

Call us a full-service furniture dealer. Go ahead, we’ll understand. However, we like to think of ourselves as a group of creative problem-solvers. 

bkm is not just a furniture dealer. Yeah, we do that, but we do so much more.

Great workplaces speak to people. They help them be more productive.  That said, this technology age has changed the way conversations happen and the shapes they take. But when you think of who understands this shift and the leaps it has brought, the words “furniture dealer” don’t exactly spring to mind.

Our goal is to change that. We are a team structured to be collaborative, agile, and innovative, necessary elements for success in an interconnected world. 

Let us help you provide a new meaning to your work place. We’ll create a place that makes significant contributions to business strategies, cultures, well being, and effectiveness. We’ll produce innovations that transform the way people work. Let us help you love how you work.

Don’t be “just another number” to the big guys.
We’re large enough to handle your project, but small enough to care about it. Your success is our success.